Citizen Scientist

The Portage Lake Watershed Forever (PLWWF) continues to develop best management practices for the protection and preservation of our watershed. In our efforts to do this, we are always looking for ways that you can become more involved in protecting our lakes and streams.   Last year the PLWF purchased equipment and a program called ciBioBase for mapping the bottom of the lake.   GPS referenced data can be collected by anyone and uploaded to servers where it is processed into various online charts and graphs for an increased understanding of what lies beneath the surface of our lake. Call Chuck Reed 231-889-3781 for more information on how you can be involved

This year the PLWF is starting a Crowd Hydrology program with the University of Buffalo and the USGS to gather data on our streams.   The PLWF has placed stream measuring devices in 5 of our streams with nearby signs explaining the program.   The sites are located on the following streams: 1. Stream #4 (just past Little Eden) 2. Onekama Creek (5098 Main -Near the old Pizza Place) 3. Stream #7 (Near the Blue Slipper) 4. Schimke Creek (E side of M22 just before the Fairgrounds)) 5. Hansen Creek (Onekama Marine west side).

Anyone passing by can dial a number and text the location number and the height of the stream to that number. The information will be charted and made available online.   Watch for more information on these programs and for other ways that you can help to protect and preserve our watershed.     Please watch for these signs and stop and text the data on your cell phone.