Council Information

2017 Board Members

Al Taylor, Chair
Ted Lawrence, Vice Chair
Kathy Ervin, Secretary
Jim Simons, Treasurer
Mary Reed, Past Chair
Bee Capper, Council Member
Frank English, Council Member
Susan Halloran, Council Member
Herb Lenon, Council Member
Jamie Meister, Council Member
Jim Mrozinski, Council Member
Lee Nordlow, Council Member

Revised bylaws as approved by the PLWF Council on October 27, 2015

Meeting Minutes

 2017 Election ballot

Financial Information
The Council operates on an annual budget of about $35,000. This is funded by an annual Fundraiser, membership dues and donations. The Alliance for Economic Success acts as our fiscal agent and our funds are annual funds are located at the Manistee Community Foundation. The Community Foundation also manages our Endowment Fund and a Wetlands Fund. The earnings from the Endowment Fund also provide additional sources of revenue for our annual fund.
While we can continue to hold fundraisers and increase our membership contributions, the Endowment fund is critical to the future financial security for our efforts. It will allow for continuing preservation efforts and will provide the financial security for us to meet future actions that might be needed to preserve the quality of our water and the water sources in the watershed. Growing our Endowment Fund is critical to assure that the watershed will have investment earnings to fund our projects forever.
We have used our funds to focus on Educational Events and outreach programs. The Wetlands Fund was established in 2012 because preserving the wetlands was identified as critical to the protection of the lake. We purchased wetlands property and donated this property to the Township. Our Wetlands Committee continues to focus on wetlands preservation. We have purchased equipment to monitor the lake and streams.. We made contributions to the Explore the Shores initiatives in our watershed as their goals are achieving the watershed goals as well.

Portage Lake Endowment Funds