The implementation of the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan continues. Fighting Portage Lake’s invasive species was the hot-button issue in 2009. A web page devoted to fighting invasive species on Portage Lake is available on this website. Our community-based plan was created to ensure the wise use and enjoyment of the Portage Lake Watershed now and for future generations. We hope you will join us in our efforts.

For immediate release: Watershed 2016 Plan Update

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The vision of the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan is that the Portage Lake watershed will be preserved forever by investing in protection and enhancement of natural and related cultural and historical resources in the watershed to provide economic benefit and to improve the quality of life for present and future residents and visitors.


The following goals were developed, based on various modes of stakeholder input, past studies, and current water quality monitoring.

  • Goal 1—Public Health: Ensure that participants in water-based recreation are not exposed to pathogens or toxic chemicals, and are not consuming water, wild fish, or wildlife with contaminants in excess of advisories.
  • Goal 2—Aquatic Ecosystem: Protect the quality of water resources in the Portage Lake watershed, as well as other essential habitats, to maintain the integrity and functions of the aquatic ecosystem.
  • Goal 3—Water-Based Recreation: Protect and enhance the quality of and access to water-based recreational opportunities within the Portage Lake watershed for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Goal 4—Natural Resource and Cultural Assets: Invest in protection and enhancement of land-based natural resources and related cultural assets that provide recreational and educational benefits unique to the watershed and contribute to the quality of life and economic well-being of local residents while expanding the vacation experiences of visitors.
  • Goal 5—Local Management and Implementation Institution: Establish mechanisms to provide sustained local leadership, community engagement, and fundraising needed to assure implementation and updating of the Portage Lake Watershed Forever Plan.

To achieve these goals, 18 objectives and 57 actions were laid out covering a ten-year timeline. Click here to read the full Watershed Forever Plan.